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5 reasons to switch from Excel to Power BI today

Excel has been a company's big favourite for analyzing and visualizing data for years, but this could change sooner or later. There is in fact an alternative on the market and it is promising. Power BI allows you to experiment with visualizations, statistical functions and calculations on a wide range of datasets in a much faster way, and the program also allows you to quickly create different solutions thanks to the smooth regrouping of the fields.

Below is a list of 5 reasons to start using Power BI:

1. Storage and access to a large amount of data

In Excel, most computers quickly find it difficult to open a file of, for example, 300 megabytes, or to open several small files at once. With Power BI you will have no problem with this thanks to the powerful built-in compression algorithms. This makes the exchange and opening of data a task that requires little effort and no adjustments. In addition, the software remembers the settings you use, such as relationships between tables, so you don't have to repeat them all the time.

2. Easy data visualization

Besides the fact that it goes very fast, your data will also look very nice in one of the many available graphs, tables, maps, workflows, etcetera. You can easily customize these to your wishes, which will make your reports look great in the end.

3. Power BI on all platforms

A nice extra of Power BI is that you can also convert your report into something that is easy to see on the phone. Because the program can make the data smaller and divide it differently, your report will not only look good on the computer but also on the phone: ideal for the time in which we live.

4. Use one of the many templates

Power BI also offers a large overview of templates to work with. If you need a quick report or need some inspiration, Power BI can help you out. Power BI offers you an overview of predefined reports and dashboards that you can immediately take over and fill in with your data.

5. Integration with all Microsoft products

Power BI doesn't have to be a stand-alone thing, you can easily link it to other Microsoft software. For example, you can set up the program to receive alerts on your mail if a target in Power BI is not achieved and you also have seamless integration with Excel.

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