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MS Project training courses

Microsoft Project supports the user in creating clear reports that can be shown to all project stakeholders. The software assists in the planning, management and reporting of all kinds of projects. Learnit offers training courses at Basic and Advanced level, with plenty of scope for customisation and the possibility of (in-company) group training courses.


Why e-mail is not your best friend during a project

A crucial factor for the success of projects is good communication. Although e-mails are widely used in business, an e-mail system is not the best choice for communication during a project. Here are three reasons why you should choose another tool during project management.

1. Central storage system

A project contains a lot of information. A lot of information. E-mail systems are not ideal for organising and storing this information. There is a lot involved in a project: not only one-to-one conversations and files, but also ideas, reports and statistics are often part of a project. The lack of a central and organised storage system can cause a lot of confusion, delays and duplication of work. Your time as a project manager and staff member is valuable, so make sure you use your time effectively!

2. Task management

A disadvantage of e-mailing is that you don't get a standard update on how things are going. Unless someone specifically sends you an e-mail in return or you regularly ask the person in question, it is not clear how the tasks are progressing exactly. In addition, only the people who actually receive the e-mail are kept informed; other team members can easily (unintentionally) be excluded from the update.

By using an effective project management tool, all tasks are clearly displayed and tracked. The tasks can be well described and sorted by priority. This allows the project manager to easily follow the status of the project without sending an e-mail or asking personally.

3. Unpredictability

A project goes hand in hand with risks and unpredictability. As a project manager and project team, you must be well prepared for sudden change. In case of an emergency, the project manager must be able to quickly find a suitable solution with the available resources. Unfortunately, e-mail systems do not provide the overview that a team needs in an emergency. The use of a tool specifically made for projects, on the other hand, provides good support in the face of risk and uncertainty.

MS Project

But what will be your best friend during projects? A system especially made for projects is Microsoft Project. Ms Project has been one of the most important planning programmes for the workplace for years. There are currently three versions: 2010, 2013 and 2016. Learnit Training offers various courses, so that you can quickly obtain the general project management knowledge you need to plan, manage and report on projects. Click on one of the years above for more information about Learnit's MS project training courses.


From vision to evaluation: tips for project leaders

Whether it is providing structure, communicating clearly with your team or communicating a vision: project leaders need to be versatile in order to lead their team to good results. Six important tips for today's project leaders.

1. Determine the project goals.

Clear project objectives will determine the focus of your project: therefore be as specific as possible. By clearly formulating the project objectives, you prevent people from being too preoccupied with side issues.

2. Have a clear vision.

A good project manager creates clarity and inspires the rest of the team. A useful tool in creating clarity is the use of visual aids (diagram, graph or drawing). A clear vision ensures that all noses are pointed in the same direction.

3. Ensure clear communication.

To work successfully in projects, clear, open communication is essential. Be clear about the goals and the progress of the project. This ensures greater commitment from everyone working on the project (client, project leader, team members, line managers and the users). In addition, it is important that everyone is aware of his or her responsibilities within the project. If the responsibilities are not clear, there is a chance that a project will be delayed. Good communication is therefore indispensable for pleasant and effective cooperation.

4. Provide leadership.

Besides setting up, structuring and controlling a project, providing leadership to the team members is an important part of project leadership. Convincingly communicate the project goals and ideas. This will enthuse and motivate the team members. A positive attitude shows that you are committed to the project. Give the team members confidence by, for example, delegating certain matters.

5. Provide structure.

A project can be complex and hectic. Structure is then very important to keep the overview. Make use of a good folder structure that is accessible for the entire project team and make a clear planning using, for example, MS Project.

6. Evaluate the project.

Evaluation is a step that is often skipped, while it is an important learning moment. Make sure the whole team participates in the evaluation of the project. What went well? What went less well? What can we do better next time? Evaluation is needed at every milestone, not just at the end of the project. If there is no evaluation, the chance that the next project will fail is higher.

Project Leadership Training

Do you want to grow in your role as project leader? Then our three-day Project Leadership training is for you. During this training we pay attention to your personal leadership style. After all, your leadership must ensure that you can make a project a success. During this training you learn how to convincingly communicate your ideas. This way you can enthuse and motivate your team members. You also learn to bring out the best in people and recognise individual qualities. We also pay attention to contact with the client; for example, how do you ensure that this is done as effectively as possible? After following this training, you will know how to become and remain the most important force in the team!