Learnit Training

Getting your new staff to work quickly and effectively; we can help!

Learnit can contribute to the setting up of an internal training for new employees. This can take the form of an onboarding programme. An onboarding program is an internal (online) learning environment especially for your employees. The advantage of such a program is that you determine what knowledge and information your employees can find in this learning environment.

What might a potential onboarding program look like?

An onboarding program can be tailored to your wishes and needs. A number of things you can think about can be found on this page.

Recording corporate films yourself

Think for example of an introduction video or think of short webinars in which a certain topic is discussed. Learnit offers the possibility to help you from A to Z in creating these videos. Come up with an idea for a video, write a script together with one of our employees and come to our studio in Diemen to film. You come up with the idea, we come up with the knowledge and technique!

Developing teaching materials (together)

Learnit has its own teaching materials for various courses that you can use in your onboarding programme. We also understand that each company is unique and that course material should therefore be tailored specifically to your company situation. Have a look at our course overview to see if there is a suitable course for your company and ask about the possibilities. Rather develop your own course? No problem at all. With the help of our specialized trainers, we can work together to develop a course from the ground up.

Online or blended learning

With an online learning method you can think of an E-learning. The big advantage of E-learning is that employees can start working with the learning material remotely at any time. Blended learning is a 'mixed' learning method. This means that an online learning method can be combined with a classroom training, for example.

Possible costs

Every onboarding program is different, which is why it's hard to make any statements about the possible costs in advance. Do you want to know what the approximate costs of such a programme will be? Then get in touch with us. Discuss with us what you want to have included in the onboarding programme, so we can outline the specific costs.

Are you interested in an onboarding trajectory in collaboration with Learnit?

Please call one of our employees at 020-6369179 or send an e-mail to: info@learnit.nl. We will then help you turn your ideas into a tailor-made onboarding program.