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The advantages of online training

  • You can join from any location
  • The trainer can share his screen during the explanation
  • Recording a session is possible
  • You will receive all the material in house or online in advance
  • One-on-one with the trainer can
  • You can stop yourself or others

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What exactly does an online training involve?

An online training is a training given live in a digital classroom, together with a trainer and fellow students. This is not E-learning! To learn more about how online training works and how you as a student would use it, we have made an instruction video for students.

What does online training look like?

In addition to the instructional video mentioned above, we would also like to show you in other ways how online training at Learnit works:

Gratis oefensessies: wil je graag een online training bij ons volgen maar weet je niet zeker of online leren in Zoom wel geschikt voor jou is? In dat geval bieden wij twee soorten gratis oefensessies aan, waarin jij een goed beeld kan krijgt hoe het programma werkt en hoe jouw specifieke trainingssessie er online uit zou komen te zien. Wil je een IT-training volgen? schrijf je dan hier in voor de oefensessie. Wil je een ander soort training volgen? schrijf je dan hier in voor de oefensessie, wij nemen daarna zo snel mogelijk contact met je op.

Video footage: In addition to the instructional video for students, we have also created a webinar in which we went further into the Zoom software, which you can watch here. In addition, we have also created an animated video that explains how Zoom works for students in a few minutes, which you can watch here.

What you need

  • Internet, audio and a webcam
  • Preferably a laptop or computer, if there's no other way, a phone is also a good option.

student behind a laptop

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download the online training program Zoom to participate?

This is not mandatory but recommended. If you can't or don't want to download the program we advise you to join the training via Google Chrome.

What about my privacy?

Of course, Learnit keeps a close eye on privacy. To prevent any problems as much as possible, we make sure that all our online training spaces are encrypted and that only people who register for this are allowed to enter the space. In addition, we only ask you for the most necessary dates; the name that appears on the screen and the email address to which the invitation to the meeting is sent. In this way we try to guarantee your privacy. For further questions or doubts about privacy we can be reached at communicatie@learnit.nl.

What software do you offer in addition to Zoom?

Learnit can offer training and webinars with various software if this is not possible via Zoom.

We use, among other things:

  • Skype and Skype for Business
  • Webex
  • Microsoft Teams

The safety of Zoom has recently been in the news in a negative way. Because we use a paid version of Zoom and do not send information about customers to Zoom, these issues do not apply to our use of Zoom, for further questions you can of course contact us.

How do I make sure that my image and sound are optimal during the session?

We recommend that you sit with your screen facing a light source (window or lamp). So that the light shines in your face and does not come from behind. Make sure that the light is not too bright. For the audio we recommend using headphones with audio, this sound is often a lot better than the sound coming from a laptop.

Why did you choose to use Zoom for online training?

We have extensively tested which software would suit us best. For this we tested a number of programs on connection strength, possibilities and user friendliness. As far as we were concerned, Zoom came out on top.