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Want to design and develop a blended learning program for your company?

A blended learning path is a learning path that combines online learning, practice and collaboration with a traditional classroom teaching method. Are you curious how a blended learning path can look like for your company? Read more about blended learning courses on this page or request a quote directly by clicking the button below.

What could a blended learning path look like for your company?

To create a blended learning path, it is important to go through the following phases:

  1. Overall design: In the first phase we sit down with your company with the aim of clearly mapping out your company's wishes. In addition, it is important to clearly discuss what the training demand is and for whom this course is designed; the target group. Subsequently, Learnit will start designing a blended learning trajectory tailored to the wishes and preferences of your company.
  2. Detailed design: After the global design has been submitted to and approved by your company, Learnit starts working to give the learning trajectory colour and content. In this phase we determine the exact content and we know exactly what the learning trajectory will look like.
  3. Development: Do we agree on the designed learning trajectory? Then it's time to get to work on the development of learning materials, for example by putting together readers or recording videos.
  4. Implementation: In this last phase we deliver the materials to your company. We also make sure that your company is able to adjust the materials where needed, after all, this project is all about your company!

What are the advantages of a blended learning path?

A blended learning trajectory at Learnit has several advantages. For example, we think it is important that our customers do not have to worry about the design and implementation of such a learning trajectory. You, as our client, clearly indicate your wishes and needs, and we as Learnit are responsible for offering a tailored solution. At the same time it is important that a blended learning trajectory is flexible. Do you want to add an extra learning method or do you want to change the learning goals? This is of course possible, it is up to you.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • The training is always in your area. At your office, or at a Learnit location.
  • The training takes place at a date and time of your preference.
  • A personal approach is central to us. We use our expertise to think along with you about an appropriate interpretation of your training.

Discover the possibilities of a blended learning trajectory

Learnit is happy to work with you to design and develop the perfect learning method combination for a blended learning trajectory, in consultation with your company. Call one of our advisors for more information via 020 6369179, send an email to info@learnit.nl or request a quote by clicking on the button below.