Learnit Training

Develop Blended learning

Are you looking for a party that can design and develop a blended learning pathway? We would be happy to advise you and will work with you on research into what best fits your organisation. How this process goes, of course, depends entirely on your needs and wishes.

Almost every learning path nowadays contains a form of online learning. Actually, this is only logical; by using forms of online learning, learning can be organized at any time and in many different ways. Curious about what your training or learning trajectory can look like in an online or blended form? Learnit likes to think along with you and designs and develops a learning trajectory that meets the needs and wishes of your employees and organization.

Learnit believes in learning pathways that:

  • (as far as possible) integrated into practice
  • Inspire and challenge
  • Giving freedom of choice
  • Further help

What your learning pathway will look like, we are gradually lagging behind. This depends on many different factors. Think of the target group, the content (goals), the organization and the frameworks. We distinguish a number of stages in order to achieve a learning pathway:

  1. Global design: We examine the training demand, target group, practice and the organisation and ensure that we are given a sharp picture. We then make a global design for the learning pathway based on this information. This design tells you what the learning goals are and how they can be realised.
  2. Detail design: After the global design is approved, we continue to color the learning path. We determine the exact content and how the learning activities will look.
  3. Development: Do we agree on the detail design? Then we will work on developing the learning materials. We always do this in coordination and where possible in cooperation with you.
  4. Implementation: are the learning materials as desired? Then we deliver it. We prefer to make sure that as an organisation you have ownership of the materials and, if necessary, you can customise them.

In practice, the above phases can be interconnected. We would like to take into account the working method that works best within your organization.

Are you curious what Learnit can mean for your organization? Please contact us. We also like to think along with you if you don't have a specific question yet.