Learnit Training

Open Form of Learning

The Open Learning Method means that participants work independently under the guidance of an experienced trainer. This means that each participant works on his/her own course. We have been successfully applying this method for some time, to the great satisfaction of our course participants.

The advantages of this form of learning are:

  • You are not tied to the pace and topics of other students, you learn at your own pace.
  • Working with your own subjects in an order that suits you.
  • The training you undergo will be tailored to your knowledge and wishes.
  • During the training you can work with material from your own work environment so that you can immediately apply the knowledge you have gained.
  • During the training you can also ask questions on (un)related topics that are especially relevant to your situation.

If you have any questions about the open learning method or about the training course you want to follow, please call 020-6369179 or e-mail info@learnit.nl.

The trainer

The trainer will determine together with you the best learning path to follow. He will choose the best way to teach you the skills you need. He will also advise you on the best way to continue after the training and which follow-up courses are important for you.

During the training, the trainer helps you overcoming obstacles, gives theoretical explanations and practical tips. It is possible to bring your own practical examples to the open learning method. This is useful, instructive and efficient because in this way you are directly working on your assignments. It is best to take your material with you on USB stick or CD. You can also email the material to info@learnit.nl before the training (only small files), so that the trainer knows what you want to do and can prepare for it.