Learnit Training

The Learnit protocol for safe classroom training

Learnit has started again with classroom training, of course with special corona measures. All our locations are provided with disinfectant and there is a constant thorough cleaning. In addition, we check trainers and participants for corona complaints to ensure health.

To prevent the spread of the corona virus, it is important to adhere to the following agreements during the Learnit classroom training.

The rules

The location:

Every organisation strives for well-cooperating teams. However, due to differences in dynamics, cooperation and communication, there are also intriguing differences between teams, despite comparable compositions. By means of Team coaching Learnit Training ensures that teams are stronger in their shoes afterwards, that differences can exist alongside each other and that they can be appreciated. Together with the team, the team coach looks for collective thinking and behavioural patterns within the group, so that the cooperation can be tackled constructively.

The trainer:

When a trainer has complaints, he or she will be replaced or the training moved. The trainer can still give the training online if participants need it.

Prior to training:

Participants must be present at the location no earlier than 10 minutes beforehand. When the participant has called, a number of questions are asked first:
  • Have you had symptoms such as a cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough, fever or fever in the last 14 days?
  • Do you have a housemate who has had symptoms, such as a cold and fever, in the last 14 days?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone corona-related in the last 14 days?
Based on the answers given, we determine whether it is wise to continue the training in the classroom or to move it or continue it online.

During reception:

After entering the room, the trainer reminds the participant(s) of the rules concerning the coronavirus: wash hands before entering, do not stay longer than 10 minutes after the training, keep a proper distance, sneeze at the elbow and fixed seats.

Washing hands:

After entering the room, the trainer reminds the participant(s) of the rules concerning the coronavirus: wash hands before entering, do not stay longer than 10 minutes after the training, keep a proper distance, sneeze at the elbow and fixed seats.


Each participant gets his/her own material that comes packaged together with disinfectant. The participants do not have to share this with other participants during the session. The material is cleaned thoroughly beforehand, but participants also have the option of cleaning the material themselves. For this purpose there is detergent and wipes available in the training room.


You can, of course, make use of the various facilities. The toilet is cleaned very regularly and the coffee, tea and lunch facilities are provided under strict hygiene regulations. Hand contact points are also cleaned regularly. Naturally, all this takes place at an appropriate distance from each other.

Social distancing:

Before, during and after the training, a distance of 1.5 metres is constantly maintained between the participants and between the participants and the trainers. This is strictly controlled and repeatedly repeated by the trainer. The trainer will have received information about the exact rules beforehand.

To ensure that we can keep our distance, training sessions are conducted in small groups, tables are placed away from each other, we use fixed walking routes as much as possible and breaks are arranged so that as few people as possible are in the canteen at the same time.

Are you curious about the classroom training Learnit can offer you? Look here for the complete overview!

Frequently asked questions

When you participate in a training, your own responsibility regarding your health is important. Learnit asks the trainer about possible complaints prior to the training. The trainer receives an email with instructions prior to the training, this also applies to the participants. When entering the training, the trainer could ask the participants questions about their health before they participate in the training.

The guideline will be 6-8 participants, but if the location does not allow this, the number of participants will be adjusted accordingly. Learnit has many locations, including external, so this will need to be considered per location. Participants have a fixed seat during the training.

When reserving rooms, we take this into account as much as possible by indicating good ventilation through the opening of a window (for external partners). This is not possible at all locations, including the Muziekgebouw. Ask the planning department if you want to know more about this or if you have specific requirements.

When a trainer is ill, and depending on the symptoms, we will see if the trainer can be replaced. If this is not possible, the training can be (partly) given online or it can be postponed completely. We ask for understanding from the participants.

When a participant has complaints, he/she can follow the training online or follow it at a later moment. The trainer has the right to point out corona-related complaints to the participant and to request to follow the training online or at a later moment.

In our own locations a Learnit day manager will clean the tables, chairs and other areas with hand contact points. External locations provide their own cleaning and disinfecting materials. The teaching material is cleaned by the logistics department and packed per student together with cleaning products.

At our own locations there will be sufficient disinfectant gel. External locations take care of this themselves.

We will put up posters with the rules to be followed.

The trainer will give clear instructions in advance, at the beginning of the training. The Hostess will remind participants of the measures to be taken when they arrive. He/she is also responsible for the regular cleaning of door handles, the coffee machine and the like.

The price for the same training, but online, is lower and differs per training. This price is displayed on the website under the description of each training course.

Participants should not use the sanitary facilities at the same time. There are walking routes for this at external locations.

Learnit expects both participants and trainers to adhere to the RIVM guidelines and to take their own responsibility when participating in a Learnit training course.

  1. Whether there is a Trainer or Hostess on entry with the explanation of the measures. They receive the instructions.
  2. Participants will receive an e-mail with instructions about washing their hands and that they should stay at home in case of complaints; If you, or one of your housemates, have corona now or in the past two weeks, or if you show symptoms of colds, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing and/or fever: please cancel the training or change your participation to an online training.
  3. Trainer will receive an e-mail with instructions including the above protocol.


This protocol will be updated whenever the guidelines of the government and the RIVM are changed. With each update, the previous version automatically lapses.