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Learnit-Stripping Cards

Purchase training days at a fixed rate

Learnit Stripping Cards

With the Learnit-stripping card you can buy advantageous and flexible training days At a fixed rate, where each strip is equal to one training day. With a Learnit-Stripping card you know exactly what you are up to: a year of freedom to To allow yourself or your employees to follow a training of your choice, no intermediate Price increases, one invoice and a fixed price.

The Learnit-strip card allows you to benefit from lower training costs during A longer period, without having to buy specific trainings now. This Allows you to anticipate possible changing or unknown Learning needs of yourself and/or your employees.

The Learnit-strip card is available in two variants: the Red strip map Applies to Office and basic webdesign training and the Blue stripping card can be stamped for all our communication and management trainings. Order the Stripping card quickly and take advantage of our favorable rates:

Red Stripping Card

Office and Basic Webdesign

  • 10 days before €3,000,- (€300.00 per comic)
  • 20 days before €5,500,- (€275.00 per comic)
  • 50 days for €12,500,- (€250.00 per strip)

Blue Stripping Card

Communication and Management

  • 10 days before €4,250.00 (€425.00 per comic)
  • 20 days before €7,500.00 (€375.00 per comic)
  • 50 Days for €16,250.00 (€325.00 per strip)

All prices are excluding 21% VAT.

NB: It is only possible to follow entire training courses . A two-day training is two stripping and a three-day training is three stripping.


  • Certainty: A favourable rate and no intermediate price increases
  • Practical: One invoice per strip card and one time budget request
  • Transferable: Applies to all your employees
  • Flexible: Applies to all trainings Covered by Office and Basic webdesign and communication and Management


Order Stripping Card or contact us at + 31 20 6369179.