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Get a discount for training with a subsidy scheme!

Attending a training course can be quite expensive. Yet it is important that you invest in yourself in order to continue to develop. The government offers subsidy schemes to reduce the cost of training. Are you curious whether you or your company qualifies for such a scheme? We have listed a number of relevant subsidies for you.

Business reimbursements

If study costs are incurred to maintain professional knowledge, the costs are deductible from the profit. It is important to know that costs for training to expand professional knowledge may not be deducted from the profit. Of course, there is a grey area between maintaining and expanding. It is therefore important to have your tax consultant take a good look at this, because there may still be an advantage to be gained.

Subsidies by sector

There may be subsidy schemes from the province, the UWV or the municipality for workers in various sectors. Look for these on the website of the institution in question. You will also find an overview of all subsidies that the government and the European Union offer to Dutch employees and employers.

Personal allowances

The government does not only offer subsidies for the business world. There are also a number of subsidies that can support you in your personal development. We have listed a number of them for you.

Study costs deductible from income tax

In 2020, training costs are still tax deductible in the income tax return. This concerns only the necessary costs incurred, such as tuition fees or books. Read more about what this windfall can mean for you.

In 2021, this deduction will be replaced by a subsidy scheme called STAP(Stimulans Arbeidsmarkt Positie), with this scheme you will receive a personal budget of up to €1000,- (incl. VAT) for your own development.

Read more about what the STAP scheme can do for you from next year.

Training allowance for benefit recipients

Do you receive a WWB, WIA, Wajong or other kind of benefit from the government? Then there is a good chance that a training budget is available for you. Ask your contact person at the institution in question about this.

Mindfulness training often reimbursed by health insurer

Did you know that more and more health insurers reimburse mindfulness via the health insurance. Many insurers even have their own mindfulness-app. With mindfulness you train yourself through various meditation exercises to be mindful of what is happening now. The mindfulness exercises can help with light and mild psychological or psychosocial complaints, such as stress, anxiety, a starting burn-out or mild depression. Do you want to know if your health insurance reimburses mindfulness? Search for mindfulness on the website of your healthcare provider and find out which reimbursements are possible!

Curious about what other subsidies there are?

Look here for a complete overview of all subsidies that currently exist! This list also includes grants that are relevant to certain sectors such as IT or healthcare.

Find out which grants you or your company can apply for to cover (part of) the costs of your training!

Would you like more information or clarification on one of the subsidies indicated? Feel free to call one of our staff on 020 6369179 or send an e-mail to info@learnit.nl.