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Get a discount for a training with a subsidy scheme!

Following a training course can be quite expensive. Nevertheless, it is important that you invest in yourself in order to continue your development. The government offers subsidy schemes to reduce the costs of training. Are you curious whether you yourself, or your company is eligible for such a scheme? We have listed a number of relevant subsidies for you.

Study costs deductible from income tax

In 2020, the training costs will still be tax-deductible in the income tax return. In 2021, this deduction will be replaced by a subsidy scheme. You can read more about this here.

Training Mindfulness often reimbursed by health insurer

More and more health insurers reimburse mindfulness through health insurance. Many insurers even have their own mindfulness app. General practitioners also prescribe mindfulness to patients more often. The Algemeen Dagblad reports this.

With mindfulness you train through various meditation exercises to reflect on what is happening now. The mindfulness exercises can help with light and mild psychological or psychosocial complaints, such as stress, anxiety, a beginning burn-out or mild depression. Do you want to know if your health insurance covers mindfulness? Look for mindfulness at your provider and see what reimbursements are possible!

Business fees

If study costs are incurred to maintain expertise, the costs are deductible from the profit. You may not deduct costs for a course to expand your professional knowledge from the profit. Of course there is a grey area between maintaining and expanding. Therefore, have your tax advisor look at the specific benefit in your case.

Other subsidies

Subsidy schemes may also apply from the province, the UWV or the municipality.

Lifelong learning credit

No longer entitled to some form of student grant, but want to follow a study programme? Then lifelong learning credit offers a solution. This credit runs via DUO and concerns a loan that must be repaid within 15 years. Would you like more information? Click here.

Finally, each sector has its own options for subsidies, a few examples are:

  1. Grants intended for institutions are intended for the Ministries of Education, Culture and Science and Public Health, Welfare and Sport.
  2. SOBB subsidy is a subsidy intended for training in the field of private security.
  3. StAZ subsidy is the general subsidy of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.
  4. SSFD is the fund for training activities of the financial sector.
  5. You can apply for a grant for writers and translators at the Dutch Foundation for Literature.
  6. ASD is the training fund for the Ministry of Defence.

Want to know more?

Find out which subsidies you or your company can use to reimburse (part of) the costs of your training!

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