Learnit Training

How do I find a Learnit training?

Three ways to find a workout at Learnit.nl

The search field

Via The search field: Type in the White box at the top of the page (part of) the Title of the training you are looking for. You will now see a list of the most relevant Training. If the training you are looking for is not there, you can press ' Enter ' or Press ' Search ' for a complete list.

When you click on a training you will come to The page with all the information about this training. Popular keywords are Bv. Excel and Word.

The theme overview

On our website you will find links under the heading "Themes" An overview of themes in which our products fall. If you choose a theme from this list, there will be Information on this theme, courses covered by this theme and a List of deepening themes.

List of all courses

If the theme layout and the search field don't give you anything, try the Complete Course overview . Of course you can also put your question to one of our experts. This can also be by e-mail at info@learnit.nl or by phone at 020-6369179.