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IT trainer

We are looking for an IT trainer to join our team. As an IT trainer you provide training at various locations in the Netherlands, both in open registration and in-company at the customer. The focus is on giving MS Office Office training, but can be expanded with SQL, MS Project, system management and programming training. On our website you will find an overview of all our IT training courses. On average, you will give training courses two to three days a week and The rest of the time you will be busy developing training material, doing research on new products and also research into new products and also with a bit of account management to stimulate repeat purchases. stimulate repeat purchases.

See the complete vacancy.

Open applications

Are you interested in working at Learnit (full-time, -part-time, or -freelance), please apply online at Learnit via https://mijn.learnit.nl/. You will then automatically be added to our database. Do not forget to fill in as many fields as possible, so that it is clear for which training courses we can use you for.

Due to heavy workload, we cannot process every application personally. If we need someone with your expertise we will contact you to make an appointment for an orientation meeting. Interested parties who e-mail or call will also be referred to https://mijn.learnit.nl/.