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The world of websites is a world of infinite possibilities and challenges in terms of technology and creativity. From a simple, light basic website to a big, colorful design with flash: the choice is up to you. Whether it's developing websites with Dreamweaver, arranging online image content with Photoshop or writing commercial texts: Learnit Training offers customized web design training, both individually and for large groups.

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Photoshop: a difficult program or just a windfall?

Is Photoshop really such a difficult program, or is it not so bad once you know the basics? And when can it be useful to use Photoshop? After reading this blog you will know exactly what advantages Photoshop has to offer.

Brief history of Photoshop

In 1987 the foundation for the Photoshop programme was laid on a Macintosh Plus by student Thomas Knoll. Three years later, the first version of Photoshop made its entrance for Mac users and since then the photo editing program has become very popular among professional users. Especially the function that makes it possible to work in different transparent layers is typical for the program. This makes it possible, for example, to place text and colors on top of each other, while the original image remains intact.

Webinar Photoshop quick and easy to master

Despite the fact that Photoshop has become more accessible for non-professional users over the years, it is advisable to first take a course or purchase a textbook to get started with the basic functions. Are you interested in Photoshop and would you like to follow a short introduction webinar? Then give yourself here on for the free webinar Photoshop quickly and easily mastered, which takes place on Thursday 27 August. Are you interested in a Photoshop course in addition to this webinar? Then please write here in for our 3-day Photoshop CC Basic course. In addition, we also offer a accelerated basic course and one follow-up course on. During our Photoshop CC Basic course you will learn how the program works and afterwards you will be able to edit your own images. In addition, you will find that Photoshop is not such a difficult program as is often thought, with the right knowledge and skills Photoshop is also accessible for you!

Practical reasons to use Photoshop

Read here what 4 important reasons people use Photoshop:

  • Polishing photos: perhaps the most obvious reason. You can polish away redness from faces, remove, add and deform objects, focus on parts or blur them, and there are many other possibilities.
  • With Photoshop Lightroom, a special part of Photoshop CC, you keep a nice overview of all your photos. You can easily group, tag and archive them.
  • In Photoshop, in addition to 2D images, you can also easily work with 3D images. In Photoshop you can create and edit 3D animations as well as 3D objects.
  • To make working in Photoshop just that little bit easier, you can easily save your favourite settings in a "workflow", so you don't have to reinvent the wheel with every photo.
  • In short: Photoshop is the program for everyone who wants to get creative in 2020!


    Avoid problems: Make a backup of your WordPress website

    Oh No, website lost or affected! Could that not have been avoided? Know for sure. Having a backup of WordPress websites is important in multiple situations. For example, if you are dealing with a hack and to prevent your website from getting lost. Or if updates are waiting, but you are likely to encounter an error. In such situations it is convenient and sensible to have made a backup. You can do this in several ways, such as a backup to Installatron, Google Drive or Dropbox. These three ways are explained below for you and also in the text you find different links to useful pages with manuals and useful tips. We also tell you what you can do to hone your WordPress skills!

    Backup to Installatron

    When testing source files or updating, there is always a chance that problems arise. By making a backup to Installatron You do not prevent these problems, but at least make sure that your website is not affected. This option is available to you if your Web hosting provider provides support for Installatron. The backup process is easy to run. Easier to make a backup can hardly be: you just have to click on ' Backup '. There must be enough free space on the server, because it takes some time. In fact, everything is backed up.

    Backup to Google Drive

    A backup to Google Drive can also be made automatically if you use the free UpdraftPlus plugin. Already have a Gmail account? Then you have 15GB of free storage space at your disposal and this is sufficient for the average WordPress website. With Google Drive you can get extra storage space, but there is a charge for this. After installing the free plugin it is possible to make a backup. It is also possible to restore a backup. You install the plugin via WordPress and then click on the UpdraftPlus plugin backups via 'Settings'. You then have the possibility to set a schedule with, for example, a daily backup for all files and the database. The schedule can also be set per month or per week.

    Backup to Dropbox

    Last but not least: the backup to Dropbox! Another simple and common way to make a backup. For this you can use the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin. There is a free and paid version available. It is also possible to open a manageWP account to make use of even more features. After installing the plugin and selecting the desired settings the MySQL database will be backed up periodically. The handy thing is that this automatically ends up in your Dropbox.

    More WordPress

    Building and managing a WordPress website naturally requires more than knowledge about making a backup. Practice makes perfect, so training might not be a bad idea to become a real expert. Learnit offers a three-day WordPress training, covering a wide range of topics related to this comprehensive tool. Not sure yet if this is something for you? In our free webinar WordPress you will get to know WordPress and some of the training topics. Read more about this webinar and look back via this link.


    A professional website with only basic knowledge of HTML: it can!

    In these modern times, where your presence online is just as important as it is in reality, it is important to come across as professional online. But how do you do that when you don't have enough knowledge of HTML to build a professional website? A professional website can of course be built by a professional webdesigner, but that usually comes at a fair price. An investment you might not want or be able to make at this moment. In this case it is wise to take a look at free alternatives. But they often look rather amateurish and have few possibilities to make adjustments? Not always...

    Free templates

    Many websites are available online offering free ready-to-use templates. You can usually choose from dozens of variants and styles. This way you can always find a design that fits your product. For example, if you have a company that can repair smartphones, then you can choose a template that is sleek, clear and businesslike. Have you written a children's book, then you choose a colorful design that appeals more to children. This way at least the look for your page will be completely round based on your target group and style.


    These ready-made HTML websites often have the most features that appear on typical websites. This way you can easily create or delete multiple pages for your site. In addition, you can choose different fonts and sizes, and there are simple ways to insert photos or videos. Also things like a contact form are easy ready to place. Often you can also change the design of this, as well as the fields that can be personalised. Also there are plugins to post that refer to all your social media.

    HTML Enhancements

    As mentioned before, there are many variations online of easy-to-fill templates that don't have to cost you anything. Here you will find a nice example of such a site, in which an extensive range of templates is presented. It also explains what type of design they all offer and what functions are available. Often you can also purchase a hosting package from these providers for a small additional fee. This means that you can get a domain name, some email addresses and a hosting package, consisting of all the various ready-made sites they offer. This way you arrange everything at once.

    Learn it Yourself

    The above options are of course very handy and easy, but if you want to make your website heavenly as you want it, you can also simply collect the knowledge about building and shaping it. This way you can give the website more specific shape to your own wishes. This can be at Learnit in just three days time. With this training HTML and CSS you can learn how to construct a website from start to finish. Maybe another training will better suit your needs. Look for an overview of all the trainings in the field of Webdesgin and web development here.


    Creating dynamic Web sites with JavaScript

    JavaScript is a widely used scripting language that is mainly applied to create dynamic Web pages. It is, in other words, a language that allows interaction with visitors and users of a website. JavaScript is used through a browser and is also read in that way (just like CSS and HTML). The code that is present in JavaScript is executed by the browser and it is basically plain text. In this case, a Word-processing tool is not possible to use! However, Editors such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Gedit, or Notepad + + can read this unique code.

    The many features of JavaScript

    Any Web page that you can interact with, for example, a menu, uses JavaScript. Pages that customize themselves without having to do something for yourself or Instant Search on Google, where all possible search results already appear before you press search: All are examples of applications where JavaScript is used Is. It is therefore a scripting language that is widely applicable.

    With this language everything can make even real 3D games (although this is of course a very complicated process)! However, smaller assignments such as building a Mario game, an automatic monitoring website or customizing ads are much simpler to do with JavaScript.

    Some important tips when using JavaScript

    In managing, writing, and customizing JavaScript, many elements are used to write the code language. The following overview gives some tips to get more out of javascript:

    1. Use = = =, not = =

    In JavaScript, two ´ equality operators are ´ available, both of which are made up of equality signs, exclamation marks and dashes. It is advisable to use the triple as you will not get any problems when working with different types. If you use = = and! = You will get problems, because the JavaScript engine automatically converts those values.

    2. Avoid ' eval '

    The ' eval ' function in JavaScript gives you access to the JavaScript compiler as a user. So if you enter a string as a parameter, the compiler will execute it as a JavaScript language, making its execution much slower (and more dangerous)!

    3. Place your script at the bottom of the page

    When you develop a webpage you want it to load as soon as possible for every visitor. However, if you add an external script, the browser cannot load any further before the complete file is loaded. The consequence? The user needs to wait longer on his page!

    If you use JS files with extra functionality (e.g. event handlers for certain buttons), you should load them at the bottom of the page, before the end of the body tag.

    More about JavaScript

    JavaScript is an indispensable and important language for developing Web pages where visitors have something to do. However, the world of scripting languages is not a simple one, precisely because there are so many different ways to make the visitor experience of a website unique. The more you know here as a beginner, the better you can apply that knowledge to get the best out of your website!

    In Our three -day training you get to know JavaScript. The training is a solid foundation for further training on JavaScript-based techniques and toolkits, such as jQuery. Under the guidance of professional trainers you can get started with JavaScript, so that it does not remain a theoretical concept, but in practice you will learn what unique results you achieve with this scripting language.


    The power of Adobe Illustrator

    Designers and professional illustrators use it constantly: Adobe Illustrator. Whether you want to create a cartoon or a professional background illustration. With Adobe Illustrator it can be all. It is not for nothing that the program is in the top 3 state of most used design software. The program lends itself perfectly to creating professional illustrations, logos, and icons and ensures that no quality is lost when you adjust the size. With a bit of basic knowledge, everyone can get started with Adobe Illustrator because the program is very user-friendly. But what exactly is the power of this advanced software? We put the most important features and tips for you in a row.

    The best colors for your design

    Before you start a design it is important to see what it is ultimately used for. If the image is displayed, choose the RGB color mode document settings. This prevents your chosen colors from appearing in a different way than you mean. When you have created images that are printed, such as a poster or a flyer, make sure that the color mode is on CYMK. Where to find this? When you have opened Illustrator, go to ' file ' and then ' Document color mode '. Here you can choose between RGB or CYMK. Guaranteed the right color mode with Adobe Illustrator!

    Simple but effective

    Adobe Illustrator is sinds 1987 op de softwaremarkt verkrijgbaar en zorgt tot de dag van vandaag voor pixel perfecte illustraties. Het programma werkt met vectorafbeeldingen: simpele basisvormen, zoals punten, lijnen en geometrische vormen, die uiteindelijk samengevoegd worden tot een complex eindproduct. Je kunt het zo gek niet bedenken of je kunt het maken in Adobe Illustrator. Een voordeel van de ontwerpsoftware is dat je de illustratie kan opdelen in lagen. Deze lagen zorgen ervoor dat je op het door jou uitgekozen deel van de afbeelding kan werken en dat de rest onbewerkt blijft. Maak je per ongeluk een fout? Geen nood! Druk op CTRL + Z (voor Windows) of Cmd + Z (Voor Mac) en je kunt weer verder waar je gebleven was.

    If the target group is too large, this strategy will not work. You need to work with a particular person for which you will start the campaign. Take your audience into account and enter the conversation to get a map of exactly what they're looking for. Sometimes this can be quite complicated, because often you don't know exactly who your target group is. So remember who you are writing. This is also called buyer Personas: The specific description of the target group. It is, as it were, a fictitious person who conforms to different characteristics, which is then representative of your target group.

    Your story

    Today, all parties together determine what a brand is. As a marketer you can make your own story, but that doesn't have to be the final image that the audience of your brand has. Consumers form their own ideas and stories. All these factors coincide as puzzle pieces and together determine how people will see your brand. Sometimes it becomes even more crazier and people are going to make their own story based on the stories of other consumers. A lot of different content is created. The whole thing we find of a brand and the image of the brand. So it is no longer about what the brand says what it is. The brand is made by what everyone of the brand says. Nowadays it is a kind of pinball machine: You are the ball and as soon as you shoot him the world you lose control and you do not know what is going to happen. With content marketing, you can offer (potential) customers content that they really are waiting for. This way you get a piece of control back in your hands.

    Training Content Marketing


    Want to learn more about content marketing? In our training you will learn how to use content marketing to achieve your business goals. You will learn what content your target group is looking for and how you can create it (or have it created). Next, you will learn various methods for promoting the created content and how you can measure and improve the results. In the training we alternate theory, practical exercises and reflection in a pleasant way. This training can be followed as a separate one-day course, but is also part of our seven-day Online Marketing course.

    20 April 2017 by Learnit In Webdesign & Web Development

    Grab your smartphone, start your internet and go to your website. What do you see? A website that fits well with your mobile, both portrait and landscape? Or not? In The latter case you have no responsive website. Sin! Mobile traffic has risen unprecedentedly in recent years and will continue to rise. 4 out of 5 Dutchmen has a smartphone and 90% used his or her phone to Internet. Visitors through a smartphone or tablet represent a large share of total Internet traffic. You should not lose sight of them!

    Better User Experience

    Many Internet traffic runs today via a smartphone or tablet. Do you have a website whose content is well readable on all different electronic devices? With a responsive website, the visitor is not concerned with zooming in and out of images and texts in order to read and see them properly. Your website automatically adapts to the visitor's screen, making the text always legible. If your visitor cannot find what they are looking for via a smartphone, the odds are 61% that the visitor leaves the website immediately. Do visitors have to wà © L with the texts and images? Visitors will drop off faster and leave your website. A responsive website is a must!

    The importance of a fast website

    Google recommends that loading your website page may take up to two seconds. A load time of more than four seconds is considered bad. Does loading a website take too long? Chances are that the visitor has disappeared again. The big bottleneck when loading a page are the images. When creating your responsive design, pay attention to the size of the images so that it will benefit the user experience.

    Google Bonus points

    With a responsive website you not only score with your visitors, but also with Google. Google loves responsive designs. A good online experience of the user is the starting point of the search engine. If visitors quickly click away from your website, this is not unknown to Google. In fact, Google uses this information as an indicator to determine whether your website is relevant or not. Google gives you penalty points if your website scores badly on the technical aspects. These penalty points make your website less easy to find.

    When is a responsive website interesting for you?


    Delivering a good mobile experience is interesting for any business. Whatever the way you go, Internet traffic through smartphones and tablets has a large share of total Internet traffic. Is it a fairly hefty investment for you? Look at where your visitors come from. Do you have a lot of visiting traffic via smartphones, but does this group quickly remove the website? Then it is advisable to start investing in a responsive design anyway.

    Need help?

    Want to make your own website suitable for mobile Internet or do you want to know more about developing applications? In Our introduction training responsive design You will learn everything you need to know about mobile internet and what comes to look at developing mobile websites.

    You can learn programming!

    12 April 2017 by Learnit In Webdesign & Web Development, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

    Visit any vacancy site and you will see it immediately: there is an unprecedented demand for programmers. If you are looking for a paid job with excellent perspectives for the future, learning programming is a must. Even for jobs in which you don't directly program yourself, a programming language is an excellent addition to your CV. However, there are numerous programming languages, so where can you start best now? And which languages are interesting for the future? We made an overview of the 10 most important programming languages. Languages where you can also directly follow a training course: let those jobs come!


    Java was for years the most-requested programming language for employers. Although this has recently been outpaced by SQL, it is still very popular. Java is the standard for many enterprise software, is used by more than 9 million developers and is used to control more than 7 billion (!) devices worldwide. Its popularity owes the programming language mainly to the simplicity and readability of the code, which makes it a good starting point for novice programmers. Also, one of the basics of Java is the compatibility that ensures that older applications continue to work.


    You'll find SQL everywhere. Database technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Keep banks, universities, hospitals, small and large companies running. It is not exaggerated to say that every computer and person with access to technology somehow comes into contact with SQL. For example, iOS and Android devices have access to SQLite, a SQL database, and numerous mobile applications that use SQL directly.


    C originates from the early years 70, when it was developed as a generic, general programming language. As one of the oldest programming languages available, C gives us the building blocks for other popular languages such as C++, Java, JavaScript and Python. C itself is mainly used for operating systems and industrial applications.



    C is an object-oriented programming language based on C. Since the language in the years 80 was developed it has been used to develop Adobe and Microsoft applications, MongoDB databases and large portions of Mac OS/X operating system. It is considered by many to be the best programming language to learn for applications where performance is of great importance, such as games or audio/videobewerking.

    Until 2014, objective C was the programming language used by the Apple operating system. It plays a role in Apple's OS X, iOS and its Apis. For a long time it was the language in which you had to write iPhone applications as a programmer, until Apple came up with its own programming language a few years ago: Swift. Swift seems to be very much like C++ and its predecessor objective C, but it is easier for most programmers to learn.

    JavaScript – not to be confused with Java – is widely used to add interactivity to websites and is supported by all larger internet browsers. Not only can it be used for simple functionality like popups or simple games, it also forms the basis for Node. JS – A server technology that is widely used in real-time communication.

    PHP was in fact never meant as a programming language. The Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf developed PHP in 1994 as a series of tools that enabled him to manage his personal website (Personal homepage). Today we changed the meaning of the abbreviation to Hyper test Pre-Processor and used the language on servers to dynamically generate HTML websites. PHP is easy to learn, but in addition possesses much advanced functionality that is of great value for experienced programmers.


    HTML forms the basis for Web pages. This does the programming language by actually setting a structure that can be extended or modified by other languages. For example, JavaScript can be used to add advanced interactivity, and CSS influences the presentation, formatting, and layout of Web pages. Although PHP can generate HTML from a server, knowledge of HTML and CSS for Web developers is an absolute must.


    Python is a server-side programming language for websites and mobile applications. It is a relatively easy language to learn, thanks to the readability and brevity of the code. In Python, it is often possible to express a concept in less rules than in many other languages. Python is used in applications such as Insta gram and Pinterest in the form of the Web-framework Django. Google, Yahoo! and NASA all make use of Python.


    Ruby is – like Python – a programming language that is very user-friendly for novice programmers. At the same time, the object-oriented language is very dynamic and thus popular for developing websites and mobile apps. It is the basis of the Ruby on Rails framework used by Groupon, Shopify, Scribd and GitHub.

    Fill in the list!

    Of course there are many more programming languages. We've just put a few of the most popular for you. Do you have additions? Are you missing a language that you really often use? Share your knowledge and experience with us!


    Learning A (different) programming language yourself?


    Would you like to learn a (different) programming language yourself? Then quickly discover our workshops and courses.Under the guidance of an experienced trainer you will learn the basics of programming in an efficient way. Have you moved on? Then it is possible to register for an advanced training. You will then go deeper into the subject matter. Such a training is not only fun, but it also fits in well with practice. This way you can be sure that you can immediately do something with your new knowledge and skills!

    3 tips to sell more in 2017!

    28 December 2016 by Learnit In Marketing and E-commerce

    2015 and 2016 were for many organizations a better year than 2014. Investment attracts, customers attract more often and faster their wallets, the housing market runs in the cities again delicious, beautiful! It differs from one branch to another, but we see a lot of investments and plenty of good intentions for 2017. The question is therefore: how do you go in 2017 to ensure more sales? Here are three sales tips from Learnit Training for a shiny year.

    1. Sales benefits and value, no facts and features

    Many sellers know their products and solutions so much that they like to tell about it. Sincere enthusiasm and specialism quickly leads to confidence. The caveat is to have the excess over those products and solutions and too little about the benefits and value that customers offer. For example, what do you have on your website? What do you say when you speak to a customer? On average, as a trainer I have to ask two to three times before I get to an advantage. Say for example: We have 50 employees? Or do you appoint the advantage of this: we can assist you at any time? As soon as you are talking about what the customer is delivering, your solution will be a lot more interesting!

    2. What is your customer's interest?

    Sellers usually like to talk. Preferably about benefits and value of course. But before you start talking it is important to know what your customer thinks is important. Where does he decide? These questions are usually just too little time spent. And it will deliver you as much as a salesman! By first finding out what the customer thinks is important, you only need to mention those things that are relevant to him or her. And you can largely omit other things. So you save the customer annoyance, yourself a lot of time and you care for more sales.

    3. Trust yourself

    In particular, novice sellers can say: I have only so little experience, I know little about sales, I feel unsure and then the decision follows: So I'm not yet a good seller. We often see that precisely those people have it in themselves to be a good salesman. The question is often more: do you dare to stay close to yourself? To trust your own quality? Share what you think and act accordingly? Are you interested in another? Then it will be fine selling. Customers prefer to see someone with a laugh, who is happy to represent themselves and his organization. And if you can, the rest is very good to learn.

    To help make 2017 a shiny year, Learnit Training organizes several sales trainings. In this we always focus on your own business situation, your own learning goal and your own personality, so that you really will sell more.


    Webdesign: Five trends in 2017

    What brings 2017 when it comes to webdesign? We throw a small glance forward and go into the trends and expectations for the new year.

    1. Websites become more mobile friendly

    Websites become more mobile. The designs are growing along with that trend. In 2017, websites become even more mobile friendly (really good responsive and suitable for mobile phones). In addition, in 2017 you will see that the number of websites designed in principle for mobile phones (and thus so-called ' mobile first ') is going to increase. Not only the design will be made more and more for a small screen: the content will be cut considerably. (And that obviously has consequences for the final design.) Many web designers will look for the balance: ' Mobile first ' is sometimes quite a challenge in the desktop version.

    2. Atomic design comes back all the way

    Atomic design is a way of design where you always use things again. (Atoms form molecules and molecules in turn form substances.) If we now look at a website, we all see small elements separately: Search buttons, icons, text fields... These loose elements together form one other element, namely a search field. The search box together with the menu will be the header. And so you go on. New It is not, atomic design. But in 2017, many web designers will look at designs again. The advantage is that you reuse basic elements in different sequences, which will benefit the house style and the overall look and feel of the design. In addition, it is nice to design this way: the small chunks offer guidance. And they are easy to use by, for example, a DTP or communication specialist.

    3. Burger Menus win Terrain

    Last year, the number of hamburger menus on desktop websites was steadily increasing. The fullscreen navigation associated with it scares some off. (You click on an icon and all of a sudden your entire screen is filled with links...) But this way of navigating also has advantages: the user chooses very consciously to start his navigation route.

    4. It may turn 3D


    The flat design is becoming less than next year. Thanks to the popularity of material design, depth, round corners and embellishments are back. How exuberant the design will be, we await. We are curious!

    Many companies do not take any risks when it comes to user paths: they want something that has been proven to navigate nicely and to the wishes and questions of the website visitor. Fortunately, there are a large number of extensively tested UX-designs and frameworks that are more and more the basis of different designs. (Incidentally, these frameworks are also at the root of many popular Wordpress themes.) Of course customization is always best, yet we believe that the popularity of the ' proven ' frameworks contributes a bit to making the World Wide Web more user-friendly.

    Get started? Then follow one of our webdesign courses.

    Internet Marketing for SME service companies

    9 August 2016 by Learnit at Marketing and E-commerce, Content

    The way in which service companies come into contact with potential customers is changing, and faster than ever. Research in THE US has shown that in 2014 46% of the decision-makers of B2B purchases in the age of 18 to 34 sat, the so-called millenials. That was 27% in 2012, a growth of almost 70%! And that group grew up with the Internet. They use the internet for everything, and therefore also to orient themselves when purchasing services.

    For SMEs, it is therefore important to develop an online marketing strategy as quickly as possible. Make sure that you are literally in the picture, make a good impression and start a conversation with the potential customer. Traditional market positions often do not apply online. Online it is often other companies that are easy to find and make a good impression. They don't need to have a large market share yet, but they have one thing in common: they are growing fast! But how do you deal with that, developing an online marketing strategy as an SME?

    I have noticed that this is a difficult process for many SMEs. Marketing is one of the cores of a company. As Peter Drucker said, marketing and innovation are the basic functions of a company. And within a company there has historically been an acquisition method that has proven its worth in the past, and has become embedded in the organization. It is reflected in the description of the services, the pricing, the distinguishing points and the conditions under which the services are offered. All this will have to be reviewed and reconsidered if you want to effectively promote the services online. This is a different playing field, with different promotion channels, different competitors and a different relationship with potential customers.

    And the internet is not only a collection of new promotional channels, it is an interactive medium that allows a group of interested parties to be built (a community) and which can be used to start up a (digital) conversation. That is so different from how marketing used to be that it requires a complete new vision of the SME company. To continue this change, an SME company has to go through a number of steps.

    The first step is that a problem owner is designated in the company. That is going to pull the cart from this folder. He makes the goals clear, determines the approach and monitors the progress. The second step is to get the knowledge needed to bring this to a good end. Also, if finally decided to outsource large parts of the implementation, the basic knowledge must be in-house. The internet Marketing training courses of Learnit training are of course a good basis. There are training courses for beginners and advanced students in the field of Facebook advertising, Google Analytics, social media marketing, e-commerce and content marketing.

    The following steps are on the fly:

    Getting online customer clear

    Improve proposition


    Build Funnel

    Measuring and improving

    An elaboration of these steps can be read in our free Internet marketing course for service companies. It clearly explains the steps that need to be taken to successfully implement internet marketing in a service company. It also describes the biggest pitfalls in this process and how to avoid them.

    10 good reasons to use WordPress

    11 May 2016 by Learnit In Webdesign & Web Development

    According to a recent estimate, WordPress is now used by more than a quarter of all websites, tens of millions in total. And not only hobbyists use this CMS (content management system), but also big names, including news websites such as those of the New York Times, Fortune and NRC. Why is that? In this blog we give you 10 good reasons to start using WordPress as well.

    1. Ease of Use

    • If you don't want to make it too complicated, WordPress doesn't have to be more than a Microsoft Word-like interface. In the base there is practically no programming knowledge required for users. That's also exactly where this Content Management System is intended: The user controls the content, WordPress takes care of the rest.
    • 2. It is open source
    • WordPress programming code is freely available and anyone can tinker with it. And that's what happens, free and 24/7. This not only ensures a high-quality and always up-to-date system, but also means that you have complete freedom to modify it. Really everything can be made to measure (or have it made) according to your wishes.
    • 3. The community
    • Because WordPress is used so often, almost every challenge imaginable has occurred before. So for most of the problems new users encounter, a ready-to-use solution is already online. And if not, the vibrant and generous WordPress community is often able to provide it quickly and free of charge, for example through the official forums.

    4. Themes


    WordPress is installed on the basis of so-called themes, which determine how your website looks – both at the back and in terms of the actual webdesign. There are thousands of themes available, allowing you to create a professionally designed website. So many users don't need a web designer anymore.

    WordPress installations are expanding with small program, called Plugins. There is now a plugin for almost every functionality. And here too the community does its job: there is a comprehensive rating system that allows you to easily estimate whether a plugin is good or not.

    6. Reliable

    WordPress is now over ten years old, and many thousands of experienced programmers have collaborated on the project to improve it. That means that WordPress is far beyond the stage of childhood illnesses.

    7. SEO-Friendly

    With some simple customizations – whether or not using a plugin – WordPress is very SEO-friendly. Not only users, but also search engines like this CMS.

    8. Safe

    A general misconception is that WordPress would be unsafe. That is because it is often attacked. But that's just the case because it has so many users: attackers simply go for maximum revenues, and focusing on the largest system is a logical step. Users who carefully observe the prescribed basic security measures, such as regular updates, are rarely affected.

    9. Scalable and powerful

    WordPress is often seen as a system for small users. That, however, is entirely wrong. Some of the world's largest websites use WordPress, with perhaps the most important example Wordpress.com, the service that offers a hosted version. Although no WordPress installation can withstand such a lot of Internet traffic, the system is basically able to do it. So WordPress can grow with you.

    10. It's popular

    The bigger WordPress becomes, the better. This is because it is open source, but also because more and more users are increasingly able to help each other. It certainly doesn't go for any system, but in the case of WordPress popularity is really an advantage.

    Do you want to get started under the guidance of a trainer? Sign up for our WordPress training or request a free quote .

    Day Flash. Hello Animate CC!

    14th March 2016 by Learnit In Webdesign & Web Development, Flash

    It is so far. Flash Professional CC Gets a new name: Adobe Animate CC. Of course, not only changes the name, but also new features are added. Animate CC is supposed to be the new standard tool for anyone who wants to create webanimations. SWF and AIR formats are still supported, as well as HTML5. By collaborating with Google and Facebook, Adobe wants to keep the existing Flash content still available. Adobe says Flash Professional CC all the way from the beginning to have rebuilt to make this possible. Why do they change names and what are the new possibilities you can use later? Read on here and find out all you need to know about Adobe Animate CC.

    Why do they change the name?

    Flash has created a turbulent past and a bad identity. When Apple stopped supporting Flash on the iPhone and IPad, it seemed to be all end story. However, many marketers still continued to use them. Now, among others, advertentieblockers have become so popular, this path does not seem profitable for them either. And because of several problems with the program and different versions, Adobe is clever to throw the helm with a completely new name. What changes?


    Because HTML5 is primarily used, Adobe strongly emphasizes this by a new HTML5 video player that replaces the original Flash variant. What are the possibilities you can make more use of?


    Better brushes that make it easy to create tight vector lines and access live previews.

    Adjacent frames can now have different alpha and color values, making it easy to create intricate animations.


    With Vector art brushes, you can adjust the path of a line after it is drawn and scale to any size without losing quality. It is also possible to create or import brushes yourself.

    Change colors more quickly because they can be adjusted automatically in the rest of the project.

    You can rotate the canvas 360 degrees to really put every point well on the I.


    It is now possible to export videos for the latest Ultra HD and HI-HPI displays.

    Want to continue working in Adobe Muse, DPS, InDesign, or Dreamweaver? No problem, simply export your project as a. OAM file.

    HTML5 Canvas, Flash (SWF), WebGL, Air, and other platforms like SVG are simply supported by Adobe Animate CC.

    • Do you have any old content? Revive them by optimizing them for each resolution.
    • Integration
    • Creative Cloud Libraries give you easy access to all your images, colors, brushes, and vector artwork.
    • In Adobe Stock Chalk you have instant access to millions of illustrations with which you can even animate.
    • Do you trust yourself as a seller?
    • 28 December 2015 by Learnit In Marketing and E-commerce

    In particular, novice sellers can say: I have only so little experience, I know little about sales, I feel unsure. Or: To be a salesman you have to be able to talk very well. You have to tell beautiful stories and people can talk about everything. And I can't do that well. And then follows the decision: So I'm not a good seller.

    • We often see people asking themselves above to be a good seller. The question is often more: do you dare to stay close to yourself? To trust your own quality? Share what you think and act accordingly? Are you interested in another? Those are the qualities that will help you as a salesman!
    • Customers prefer to see someone with a laugh, who is happy to represent themselves and his organization. Customers want to be heard and seen, want someone who is interested, to hear their challenges or wishes and to think with them. And if you can, you're very close to being a good salesperson.
    • That is the best result for me as a trainer after a few days of training. People who thought they could not sell well decide after two days of training that they have everything in them to work successfully and with great pleasure. Not because they want to get something out of the market, but because they realize that they are bringing something valuable themselves. Not because they are hunting to get a target, but because they add something relevant and help customers really get ahead.
    • Would you also like to improve the market with more confidence, with more sense, with more results? Then participate in a sales training of Learnit training. We will deal with your own business situation, your own learning goals and your own personality so that you can achieve maximum results and sell more.

    How interesting are you?

    • Last week I had someone in my sales training. He said, "I'd like to make myself more interesting so people buy more from me." There is a nice question below: How do you make yourself more interesting? How do you do that? Ultimately, the answer is always given by the client: does he find you interesting? And if so, why does that come? Our advice: You will become more interesting if you offer the customers something interesting. If you delve into what they need and contribute something to their goals. What is your client doing? What is bothering him? What is still in the way of its growth? As soon as you can contribute something meaningful, you will become interesting. That goes so much more about making the other interesting than making yourself interesting. If you do that first, that second will follow automatically.
    • Export SQL database to CSV


    25 november 2015 door Learnit in PHP

    We will write a PHP script that retrieves results from our database and converts it into a CSV file. In our case the results of course exams.

    The first step is to retrieve the data from the database. We use PDO (5 reasons to USE PDO WITH SQL databases).

    $db_user = 'learnit'; $db_pass = 'geheim'; $db_name = 'uitslagen'; $db_host = 'localhost'; try { $db = new PDO("mysql:host=$db_host;dbname=$db_name;charset=utf8", $db_user, $db_pass, // Als een error optreed moet PDO een exception gooien array(PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE => PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION)); $query = "SELECT id, naam, email, resultaat FROM Uitslagen"; $pds = $db->query($query); } catch(PDOException $ex) { echo "An Error occured: " . $ex->getMessage(); exit(); }

    Here We use a try-catch to capture exceptions that can occur with a verbindingprobleem. The result of the query is a PDOStatement Object. Here we can take the records out, but first we have to prepare:

    Header (' Content-Type: text/csv '); Header (' Content-Disposition: attachment; filename = ' results. csv ');

    Using the header function, we adapt the HTTP header. We want the visitor to download the file directly. We do this by specifying in the header that it is a CSV file and that it is called "results. csv".

    Now opening the standard output we can write the CSV file itself:


    $fp = fopen (' php://output ', ' W '); Fputs ($fp, Chr (0xEF). chr (0xBB). Chr (0xBF));

    Now we can add the first line to the CSV file. It contains the headings of the data:

    Fputs ($fp, "ID, name, email, resultaat\r\n");



    The end of the string indicates a line break. If we did not add the following data would be pasted instead of a new line. Note: This only works in strings with double quotes.

    The next loop is repeated as long as records can be fetched. This converts the data into the CSV file.

    while($uitslag = $pds->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)) { fputcsv ($fp, $uitslag, ','); }

    When writing to the file we are helped by the


    Function. This writes the array to the CSV file. The third argument of this function is the separator character. In Place of the comma (,) we could also use a different separator, for example the semicolon (;). To complete the whole, we neatly close the file:

    Fclose ($fp);

    The entire script:

    PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION) ); $query = "SELECT id, naam, email, resultaat FROM Uitslagen"; $pds = $db->query($query); } catch(PDOException $ex) { echo "An Error occured: " . $ex->getMessage(); exit(); } header('Content-Type: text/csv' ); header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="uitslagen.csv"'); $fp = fopen('php://output', 'w'); fputs($fp, chr(0xEF) . chr(0xBB) . chr(0xBF) ); fputs($fp, "id, naam, email, resultaat\r\n"); while($uitslag = $pds->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)) { fputcsv ($fp, $uitslag, ','); } fclose($fp); ?> Training SQL BasicBen jij geïnteresseerd in het leren van deze programmeertaal? Ontdek met een SQL-training data die eerder verborgen voor je is gebleven. In onze tweedaagse training SQL Basis leer je alle belangrijke ins en outs van SQL!

    5 reasons to communicate with your SQL database via PDO

                                            15 november 2015
                                            door Learnit
                                                                                                Webdesign & webontwikkeling, 

    There are several ways to communicate with a database from PHP. Since PHP 5.1 A nice extension has been released: PHP database Objects (PDO). Do you use the old fashioned




    Features? Here five reasons to switch:

    Binding parameter


    Creating a query with input from website visitors brings with it dangers. Visitor Input can contain dangerous SQL code. If the code component becomes a query there is a SQL injection, a common vulnerability.

    Randall Munroe, xkcd.com, CC BY-NC 2.5TransactionsChanges to your database are often not self-explanatory. Often, one request from the visitor asks for changes to multiple tables. When making an order in a webshop, not only the order must be saved, but also the inventory will be updated.If one of these queries does not go well, for example because the inventory is insufficient, the database will be in an inconsistent state. With transactions, you can do a "rollBack" in such a case, which will undo all changes to the database since the start of the transaction.' Universal ' interfaceWith PDO you are not tied to one database. No less than 12 database systems are supported, including MySql, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Thanks to PDO, your program can communicate with it in the same way. When you connect, you indicate what type of database it is, then you can ask them using the same methods.Disappearance of old functions

    1. The obsolete


      Features are no longer supported from PHP version 5.5.0. In the latest versions (from PHP 7.0.0) They are not even included and therefore no longer use.

    2. Exploits of a mom

      Object oriented

    3. PDO is completely object oriented. So you have all the advantages of object oriented programming, including exceptions. Exceptions allow you to handle errors, such as connection problems, in an elegant way.


      Is the PDO extension not available on the system where your website Is running, and do you use a MySQL database? Then switch to

    4. Mysqli

      . Less universal and elegant than PDO, it also provides parameter binding, transactions and stored procedures.

    5. Save visitor passwords securely with PHP? Use Hashing!

      30 oktober 2015 door Learnit in Webdesign & webontwikkeling, PHP Again this week the weather was quite touching: The passwords of millions of internet users are on the street. While the creator of the website could have avoided this easily.What is the danger?

    6. Unlike computers, people are not really good at memorizing them. However, you have to remember passwords everywhere. As a result, many people use a single password for multiple websites. This entails a major security risk. If a password is leaked, all accounts can be accessed where this password has been reused.

      How do you prevent visitor password theft?

    The best solution to not steal passwords is simply not to keep them! Instead, we'll save the hash of the password. A hash function makes a password unrecognizable. Based on the hash, it is impossible to trace the input. A hash function always produces the same result with the same input. A strong hash function also ensures that two different texts do not result in the same hash (if this happens there is a collision). Even if the hackers manage to get a database with hashes, they don't have passwords in their hands yet.How do you use the hash functions of PHP?Since PHP 5.5 It has become very easy to hash passwords by using the function password_hash()


    . This function has one mandatory argument: the password. The second argument allows you to specify which hashing algorithm to use. If you do not specify this, the strong BCrypt algorithm is used by default. In addition to hashing, this function also adds a

    which protects against

    Rainbow Tables

    . Generating the hash goes as follows:

    $wachtwoord = ' secret password '; $hash = Password_hash ($wachtwoord, PASSWORD_BCRYPT); Echo $hash;

    The generated hash is a string of 60 characters and can look like this:

    $2y $10 $ Se3mLsHueAYTM3G4Wd9hTuyfzPCRYtafImcOSO2U0H4290jPU. SUA

    . From this hash it is impossible to retrieve the password. This hash can be stored securely in your database.To check if someone has entered a correct password we use the function password_verify(). We give these two arguments, the password that was entered in the login and the hash that we had saved. toe, die beschermt tegen The Magic Wand Tool is another background selection tool, ideal when working with a monotonous and consistent background. If you want to choose a clear color in an image, this is the right tool for you. For example, the Magic Wand Tool is suitable for a white background or a clear blue sky. Choose the Magic Wand Tool from the Tools panel and click on the part of the image you want to select. Make sure you switch between the "Add to Selection" option in the top row (icon of two squares) so that you can continue to add colors and shades to your selection.

    Tip 5: Custom Shape Tool

    Choose from a huge number of shapes The functions panel gives you all the basic shapes you need, such as a square, a line, a circle, oval etc. However, if you want more options, use the Custom Shape Tool. The icon of this looks like the first pancake (perhaps this was not the intention of adobe). The Custom Shape Tool is easy to find in the Options bar. After selecting the Custom Shape Tool, a large number of shapes appear. On the right side of the Custom Shape Tool icon You see a small thumbnail view. You get access to more shapes by clicking the small arrow on the right side of the panel. If you are looking for banners, talking bubbles or all kinds of arrows then this is the right tool for you.

    Tip 6: Adjustment layersWork in a separate layer When you use Photoshop, for any purpose, to change the colors of an image, to sharpen or make better contract, always remember to use Adjustment layers. The big advantage of the Adjustment layers is that it does not change the image itself, but on a separate layer. This way you can easily adjust the edits to see what's most beautiful. The Adjustment layers can be found at the bottom of the layers panel (a black and white circle icon).

    Tip 7: Layer Styles

    Give an effect to your image


    This is an easy and simple way to give some pit to an image. Layer styles are a special effect that you can easily add to individual layers. All you have to do is double click on the layer and choose the effect you like.

    Drawing Photoshop

    Tip 8: Healing Brush Tool

    Remove imperfections

    This is a very handy tool for something advanced Photoshop Press. You can use it to repair the image from imperfections such as scratches and blemishes. Choose the brush size, hold down the ALT key and select a nice and clean area of the image. Release the Alt button and paint over the bad environment. Basically, this function copies a piece of the picture from the first to the second position.


    Tip 9: Spot Healing Brush

    Remove blemishes and pimples
    Transform Transform from context Menu

    Yes-it is indeed exactly how it sounds, this tool makes everything a lot nicer! If you have a spot, blemish or birthmark, this tool can remove it immediately. It can also be used to remove a pimple.


    Place the brush on the area you want to ' fixing ', make sure the brush is a bit larger than the spot and click on the spot. Photoshop makes sure that the retouched spot is automatically beautiful, so you really don't have to do anything else.

    Tip 10: Dodge Tool
    Measurement units in Menu

    Een korte en snelle manier om te wisselen tussen de meeteenheid is door de muis op één van de linialen te plaatsen (druk op Ctrl + R om de linialen te tonen of te verbergen), klik met je rechtermuisknop en kies vervolgens een eenheid uit het getoonde menu. Je hebt een grote keuze aan meeteenheden: centimeters, pixels, millimeters, punten, percentages, etc.


    Within the Save for Web window There are a number of tabs, including 2up. 2up you can use to split the window, on the left side is to see the original, while the right part contains the new settings.

    You now know the basic tools of Photoshop, congratulations and good luck!
    Use magnetic lasso

    Do you want to be more convenient with Photoshop and edit footage in a professional way? During the Photoshop courses of Learnit you will learn how to work efficiently with Photoshop. You'll learn the intricacies of Photoshop and get active support during this workout. Read more about these courses!


    Webshops: een kans of bedreiging?

    9 april 2013 door Learnit in Marketing en E-commerce
    Magic Wand Tool Magic Wand Tool

    Recently, it became clear that the Dutch placed no less than 88 million online orders in 2012 - an increase of 13 percent compared to 2011. It also became the year in which web giant Amazon purchased a robot system that, to put it simply, enabled same-day delivery: you order the product in the morning and receive it in the afternoon.

    But in addition to this growth and technological development of online activities, it was also the year in which the 'offline' retail sector in the Netherlands suffered heavy blows and consumer confidence was lower than ever. The Voor de goede zaak project, initiated by Dagblad van het Noorden, brings together expertise and small and medium-sized businesses to boost local retail. Learnit also thinks along: what can the retailer do to turn the tide?


    In fact, there are two options. First of all, the shopkeeper can take full advantage of intensifying customer contact and making the most of that one important ' offline property ': Making personal contact with the customer. Make a correct assessment of his wishes and possibilities. Achieve customer loyalty. But also a host – to present the shop as a hospitable, pleasant establishment where all the expertise around a product or service comes together. With training as customer-focused work and sales skills face-to-face for shop staff , this option is largely to realize.

    Ten tweede kan het motto ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ voor de detailhandelaar opgaan: bouw zelf een webshop, wees optimaal online bereikbaar en geef de klant de mogelijkheid alles via internet te regelen. Het klantenpotentieel breidt hiermee natuurlijk enorm uit en door het aanbieden van verzendingen is de winkelier niet meer enkel afhankelijk van de plaatselijke economie.
    Custom Shape Tool Custom Shape Tool

    But a combination of customer-oriented work and expanding online activities is of course the most desirable. When the shop is easily accessible both online and offline, exudes expertise and offers reliable services such as fast dispatch and complaint handling, the principle of a webshop becomes more and more likely rather than a threat. An opportunity that Learnit is happy to help seize!

    Besparen met open source software


    16 augustus 2012 door Jaap Swart in Marketing en E-commerce

    Green Links believes that the government can save billions with open source software. That says GL-MP Arjan El Fassed in an interview with nu.nl. But that applies not only to the government, but also to companies and organizations that make a lot of use of computers can save huge amount by using open source.
    Adjustment layers Adjustment layers

    What is open source software?


    Open source software is not developed by one large company such as Microsoft Office, but is often developed in a public and common way. Different programmers and companies work together to develop the software and it is completely free of charge. Characteristic of this computer software is that the source code is released. This allows users to independently study, modify and possibly improve the software. The supply of open source software is large. For example, there are entire operating systems that can replace Windows, such as Ubuntu and Debian. There are also open source CMS systems, such as Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla, which make it relatively easy to build a professional website. Then there are the OpenOffice.org software packages. This is the free counterpart of Microsoft's Office package and contains programs like Writer to type in, Calc to create spreadsheets and Draw to draw with.

    Layer Styles

    Back to politics. In The interview, El Fassed indicates that various studies have been carried out into possible savings in the ICT field. The General Court of Auditors believes that 88 million euros can be saved on an annual basis with the open source software. The internal estimates of domestic affairs are even more favourable: they believe that EUR 3 to 4 billion per year can be saved. No childish figures. Savings are also possible in your organisation. Except that it can be very advantageous to switch to open source software, there is another advantage. The use of open source software would be safer than the usual systems. A comparison made is this: someone takes no medication without having read the package leaflet, which is too unreliable. This also applies to the computer software. Because the source code is known, you know how the program is put together. Another advantage is that many viruses are only harmful to Windows. These viruses cannot cause damage to open source software.



    Learnit volgt de ontwikkelingen rond open source op de voet en maakt zelf ook slim gebruik van de software. Zo maken de eigen medewerkers al enige tijd gebruik van het besturingssysteem Ubuntu en worden er documenten opgesteld met het gratis LibreOffice. Learnit biedt verder verschillende open source trainingen aan, zoals onze Office trainingen. Het is ook mogelijk om een training Wordpress te volgen bij Learnit. Interesse of vragen? Neem gerust contact met ons op via 020-6369179 of stuur een mailtje naar info@learnit.nl.

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    Onlangs werd duidelijk dat Nederlanders in 2012 maar liefst 88 miljoen keer een online bestelling hebben geplaatst – een groei van 13 procent ten opzichte van 2011. Het werd ook het jaar waarin webgigant Amazon een robotsysteem aanschafte dat, eenvoudig gesteld, same day delivery mogelijk heeft gemaakt: je bestelt het product in de ochtend en ontvangt het in de namiddag.

    Maar naast deze groei en technologische ontwikkeling van online activiteiten, werd het ook het jaar waarin de ‘offline’ detailhandel in Nederland zware klappen te voorduren kreeg en het consumentenvertrouwen lager dan ooit lag. Met het project Voor de goede zaak, geïnitieerd door Dagblad van het Noorden, worden expertise en middenstand bijelkaar gebracht om de plaatselijke detailhandel een hart onder de riem te steken. Ook Learnit denkt mee: wat kan de winkelier doen om het tij te keren?

    Feitelijk zijn er twee opties. Allereerst kan de winkelier vol inzetten op het intensiveren van klantcontact en optimaal gebruik maken van die ene, belangrijke ‘offline-eigenschap’: persoonlijk contact maken met de klant. Een juiste inschatting maken van diens wensen en mogelijkheden. Klantenbinding realiseren. Maar ook een gastheer zijn – de winkel als gastvrije, aangename vestiging presenteren waar alle deskundigheid rondom een product of dienst samenkomt. Met trainingen als Klantgericht werken en Verkoopvaardigheden face-to-face voor winkelpersoneel is deze optie goeddeels te realiseren.

    Ten tweede kan het motto ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ voor de detailhandelaar opgaan: bouw zelf een webshop, wees optimaal online bereikbaar en geef de klant de mogelijkheid alles via internet te regelen. Het klantenpotentieel breidt hiermee natuurlijk enorm uit en door het aanbieden van verzendingen is de winkelier niet meer enkel afhankelijk van de plaatselijke economie.

    Maar een combinatie van klantgericht werken en online activiteiten uitbreiden is natuurlijk het meest wenselijk. Wanneer de winkel zowel on- als offline goed bereikbaar is, deskundigheid uitstraalt en betrouwbare services zoals snelle verzending en klachtenafhandeling biedt, wordt het principe van een webshop meer en meer kans in plaats van bedreiging. Een kans die Learnit graag helpt grijpen!


    Besparen met open source software

    GroenLinks meent dat de overheid miljarden kan besparen met opensourcesoftware. Dat zegt GL-Kamerlid Arjan El Fassed in een interview met nu.nl. Maar dat geldt niet alleen voor de overheid, ook bedrijven en organisaties die veel gebruik maken van computers kunnen enorm veel besparen door gebruik te maken van open source.

    Wat is opensourcesoftware?

    Opensourcesoftware wordt niet ontwikkeld door één groot bedrijf zoals Microsoft Office, maar komt vaak tot stand op publiekelijke en gemeenschappelijke wijze. Er wordt samengewerkt door verschillende programmeurs en bedrijven om de software te ontwikkelen en is geheel gratis. Kenmerkend voor deze computerprogrammatuur is dat de broncode wordt vrijgegeven. Hierdoor kunnen gebruikers de software zelfstandig bestuderen, aanpassen en eventueel verbeteren. Het aanbod van open-sourcesoftware is groot. Zo zijn er hele besturingssystemen die Windows kunnen vervangen zoals Ubuntu en Debian. Ook bestaan er opensource CMS systemen, zoals Drupal, Wordpress en Joomla! Hiermee kan relatief eenvoudig een professionele website worden gebouwd. Dan zijn er nog de OpenOffice.org software pakketten. Dit is de gratis tegenhanger van Microsoft's Office pakket en bevat programma's als Writer om in te typen, Calc om spreadsheets mee te maken en Draw om mee te tekenen.


    Terug naar de politiek. In het interview geeft El Fassed aan dat er diverse onderzoeken zijn uitgevoerd naar mogelijke besparingen op ICT gebied. De Algemene Rekenkamer meent dat er op jaarbasis 88 miljoen euro valt te besparen met de open-sourcesoftware. De interne raming van Binnenlandse zaken is nog gunstiger: zij menen dat er per jaar 3 tot 4 miljard euro bespaard kan worden. Geen kinderachtige cijfers dus. Ook in jouw organisatie zijn besparingen mogelijk. Behalve dat het zeer voordelig kan zijn om over te stappen op opensourcesoftware, is er nog een ander voordeel. Het gebruik van opensourcesoftware zou veiliger zijn dan de gebruikelijke systemen. Een vergelijking die gemaakt wordt is deze: iemand neemt geen medicijn zonder de bijsluiter te hebben gelezen, dat is te onbetrouwbaar. Dat geldt ook voor de computerprogrammatuur. Omdat de broncode bekend is, weet je hoe het programma in elkaar steekt. Een ander voordeel is dat veel virussen alleen schadelijk zijn voor Windows. Deze virussen kunnen geen schade aanrichten op opensourcesoftware.


    Learnit volgt de ontwikkelingen rond open source op de voet en maakt zelf ook slim gebruik van de software. Zo maken de eigen medewerkers al enige tijd gebruik van het besturingssysteem Ubuntu en worden er documenten opgesteld met het gratis LibreOffice. Learnit biedt verder verschillende open source trainingen aan, zoals onze Office trainingen. Het is ook mogelijk om een training Wordpress te volgen bij Learnit. Interesse of vragen? Neem gerust contact met ons op via 020-6369179 of stuur een mailtje naar info@learnit.nl.