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XML Training

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is the default to display structured data in the form of plain text. Learnit has developed several XML courses in which you can learn how to apply this format.

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Deepening in XML at Westland Infra

For both functional specialists and system administrators, Learnit Training created a one day, deepening training in the field of XML programming language. Westland Infra, the network administrator of the energy networks of the Westland, was looking for a incompanytraining in the field of XML programming language. This language is used in particular to send messages in a particular ICT environment, but the employees had the idea that much more could be extracted from XML. This gave the training mainly a deepening character.


The training was provided for eight employees, who consisted of two different groups: Functional specialists and system administrators. The specialists were especially looking for a way to further expand their communication capabilities with XML, while the administrators were particularly interested in the general background of XML to take care of the technical infrastructure Optimize. This dichotomy has become visible during the intake interview, so the trainer has been able to prepare well.


Because the training need was clear, the trainer could put together a balanced program that offered sufficient depth for both the specialists and the administrators in a relatively short time. The versatility of the trainer, who is at home in several programming languages, was enlightening. Also zooming in on the field, by studying certain XML formats that can be used in the energy sector, has had a positive effect on the content of the training.