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What are webinars?

Webinars are live interactive broadcasts on the internet. The broadcast is usually a live recording from the Yourwebinar studio where one or two speakers give a presentation in front of an audience of usually a few hundred viewers. The presentation will be Supported by video footage and a presentation, possibly with live screen shots of software. During the broadcast it is possible for participants to ask questions via chat. The presenters can also ask questions and have the possibility to to ask pollen questions to the public.

What are the advantages of webinars?

A webinar gives you the opportunity to share a message with a large number of people. It is easily accessible for the participants. The possibility of interaction offers many interesting opportunities to learn more about the target group. It is also a great added value for the participants to be able to ask questions.

What can you achieve with webinars?

With a webinar, for example, you can introduce a group of people to your thoughts or product. Participants can drop out at any time, which makes it very non-committal. By presenting a valuable message you can convince the participants of your idea, your message or the quality of your product. A webinar therefore offers the opportunity to convince without obligation.

What can you do with it for training?

Parts of training courses such as handling a model can be pre-recorded on video. Prior to a training, a webinar could be used to share information about the training with a (large) group of participants who want to participate online. be able to participate interactively. Also offering valuable information for a group of interested people, who may want to follow a training course later on, is a nice application of webinars for training courses.

Our studio Yourwebinar

We want to organise regular webinars for Learnit in which we introduce the participants to trainers and training courses. By making sure that a webinar always contains valuable information, we hope to create an opportunity for participants to get to know with our trainers and training sessions.

Initially we tried to set up a flexible weekly studio to host webinars. It soon became clear that it was very difficult to combine good quality webinars with a flexible studio. That's why we decided to create a complete studio with professional video, sound and lighting equipment. It soon became clear that even more was needed, such as a green screen, self-developed software and of course trained technicians.

Since this complete studio has more capacity than we just need for Learnit, we decided to make it a separate label: Yourwebinar.

Het bedrijf Yourwebinar verzorgt nu webinars voor Learnit en andere klanten. Voor een klant zijn de voordelen evident: Je kunt zelf makkelijk een webinar via een mobiele telefoon geven. Maar als je echt studio kwaliteit wilt, dan zijn de investeringen snel hoger dan de prijs van los ingekochte webinars bij Yourwebinar. Yourwebinar is in de zomer van 2018 verhuist naar een grotere studio in Diemen waar je nog gratis kunt parkeren voor de deur.


In the studio we use a green screen. This means that the background and visualization of the webinar can be adjusted to the wishes of the client. The use of greenscreen makes any background possible in principle.

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