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Learnit is happy to help you organise and execute an online interactive session.

What are webinars?

Webinars are live interactive broadcasts on the internet. The broadcast is usually a live recording from our Yourwebinar studio where one or two speakers give a presentation to an audience of usually a few hundred viewers. The presentation is supported by video images and a presentation, possibly with live screen recordings of software. During the broadcast it is possible for participants to ask questions via a chat function. The presenters can also ask questions and have the possibility to ask poll questions to the audience.

What is the purpose of a webinar?

Webinars for marketing purposes

In the first instance a webinar is often organized to, for example, introduce a group of people to a particular philosophy, product or service. The goal is therefore primarily the transfer of information. Participants can sign up for a webinar and drop out at any time during a webinar, which makes it completely non-committal. By presenting a valuable message interactively you can convince the participants of your idea, your message or the quality of your service or product. In addition to conveying information, a webinar therefore offers the opportunity to convince potential customers.

Webinars for educational purposes

For companies in particular, a webinar with purely educational purposes can be of added value. The main focus of such a webinar will be the transfer of information. For example, if a new way of working needs to be introduced internally on the work floor, a webinar offers a solution. In this way a large group of employees can be reached at once. Participants can ask questions that can be answered immediately.

What are the advantages of webinars?

  • Share your message simultaneously with a large group of people
  • Interact with participants and learn more about your target group
  • Approachable way of transferring knowledge

Our Yourwebinar studio

Learnit regularly hosts webinars in which we introduce participants to our trainers and training courses. By ensuring that a webinar always contains valuable information, we hope to create an opportunity to convey new knowledge to participants. Webinars are recorded daily in our Yourwebinar studio; both for Learnit and for external parties.

By now Yourwebinar has grown into a full-fledged company, based in Diemen. This studio is fully equipped to give webinars. The studio has professional video, sound and lighting equipment, such as a green screen. A green screen makes it possible to adapt a background to your wishes. We also have our own software and trained technicians who supervise each webinar.

Organizing your own webinar?

Are you possibly interested in organizing a professional webinar? Please inquire about the possibilities by calling 020 6369179 or sending an email to info@learnit.nl.