Learnit Training


Learnit Training offers an exciting range of varied workshops. Together with your colleagues, you will be doing new knowledge and skills in an active, instructive, fun and inspiring way. In consultation with the trainer, your organisation will determine anywhere in the workshop. Almost all our training topics in the field of communication, management and personal development can be organized in the form of a workshop.


In our training courses we train on different levels:

  • Above the water surface: behaviour and skills
  • Directly below the water surface: views and beliefs
  • Deep under the water surface: motives and spirituality

In a workshop, subjects are treated above the water surface and a few things are immediately touched on under the water surface. The participants are given enough tips to start working directly in practice, so that our workshops are challenging and interactive.

Iceberg theory


The duration of the workshops can vary from two to four hours. The workshops are well combined with social business activities and team building days.

Group size

In order to monitor the quality and dynamics of the workshop, we usually recommend a maximum group size of about 15-20 participants per trainer at a workshop. For more participants we advise to use a co-trainer or to spread the workshop over several groups.